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Fortnite Luxe Cup Finals Part 4 Highlights - NA West...

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  • 4 years ago
Fortnite Luxe CUP Finals PART 4 NA West Highlights - Fortnite Tournament 2019

Best Fortnite Luxe Cup tournament Highlights Here!

All credit to Fortnite: https://www.twitch.tv/fortnite
Players who place in the Contenders League in Arena Mode will unlock this event in-game. The Luxe Cup will occur across two rounds - Round One (Semi-Finals) on Saturday and Round Two (Finals) on Sunday. Each round will be its own 3 hour session. Hop into the Events tab to find out the times available for your region. Participants will also only be able to play a maximum of 10 matches during each session.
The top 1500 teams in each region at the conclusion of the Semi-Finals will advance to the Finals the next day. After the Finals have concluded, the top ranked eligible teams in each region will be awarded the following prizes:

Material Cap:
• 500 Wood
• 500 Brick
• 500 Metal
Elimination Bonus
• +50 Health/Shield
• +50/50/50 Materials
o Materials gained on elimination now drop with the eliminated player, rather than being granted immediately.
Harvesting Rate:
• +40%
• Each Eliminations: +1 point
• Victory Royale: +3 points
• Top 5: +2 point
• Top 15: +2 point
• Top 25: +3 point

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Commentary by @zekimusprime & @xsundown & @ballatw & @Goldenboyftw

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