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Fried sausage ( Bratwurst ) and potato salad 燒腸和薯仔沙...

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  • 12 years ago
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Chinese and english recipe/ instructions below:


預熱焗爐 200° C , 10分鐘 ( 可以用 pan 中火煎因怕腸裂 )


1 4 條 燒腸 ( 買已用熱水已煮過 )

( 德國有2 種燒腸, 有生的: 用之前先叉刺幾下, 令煎時腸油不會射出太多和裂開, 保全原味在腸內)

2 燒熱 pan 中火, 放些油放入燒腸, 煎到兩面深啡色後, 取出放焗架 ( 通常我放一張錫

紙, 令焗盆煱後容易清潔,) 燒腸放架入焗爐, 中間層, 大約 8 至10 分鐘, 焗其間取出把腸反


薯仔 ( 大約廣東麻雀 2 倍大 ) 今天我用 8 個做沙律

薯仔大小要平均, 知道幾時煲到熟, 用竹簽刺試熟否.

1. 通常買回來薯仔我放入洗盆放水浸過面 10 分鐘後, 用手磨擦幾下泥, 再放清水浸10

分鐘, 放入煮煲再用清水洗一次, 放水入煲要浸過薯仔, 放入 1/2 荼匙糖, 1 茶匙盬, 水沸

後, 教慢火煲 23 分鐘後用竹尖刺入薯仔, 感到容易入和抽出, 就是熟倒去水, 冷卻和切片.

2. 小洋蔥一個去皮切薄片用碗裝, 放些監和水浸 20 分去棘味, 20 分後去水洗一次榨乾


3. 醃酸青瓜小 4 至 5 條 ( 大 2 條 ) 切薄片和醃酸青瓜水 5 湯匙放在碗內.

4. 一個大膠盆要有蓋

* 放 1/2 茶匙菜精或加雞粉 5 湯匙熱水令溶化
* 1/2 茶匙糖
* 1 茶匙盬
* 1/3 茶匙古月粉
* 放入薯仔片
* ( 2 ) 洋蔥絲
* ( 4 ) 酸青瓜和醃水
* 用 2 只大匙把以上混合
* 最後放 2 湯匙菜油
試味後, 放入雪櫃 1 至 2 小時入味, 食前再試味

因為我食味道比較淡, 隨各人口味加盬

註. 今日的沙律適合時間忙, 可以提前一晚做, 會更入味, 更好食.

Fried sausage and potato salad

For 2 person , preheat oven 200° C, for 10 minutes

we have 2 different kinds sausage in here


4 x sausage

8 x middle sized potatoes

1. today I use already cooked sausages.

( another is fresh meat, usually we use a fork to sting it a few times before fry )

Hot pan, medium heat, put some oil and sausages in , after fried both sides brown,

put it in preheat oven on middle stage for 8 - 10 minutes. Frying time may vary

depending on the heat.

2. put the potatoes in cold water and let them in for 10 minutes, use hands to clean

them and add new fresh water again, wait for 10 minutes.

Put the potatoes in cooking pot add in water up to top of the potatoes, put in 1/2 tsp

sugar , 1 tsp salt, let it boil around 23 minutes use a toothpick stick into potatoes,

check of it is done or not, if it done, take it out, leave to chill.

3. 1 small onion cut slices add some salt and water ( for 20 minutes , set aside)

4. 5 x small sour pickled cut slices if big take 2x add 5x soup spoon sour pickle water.


one big plastic box with cover

* 1/2 tsp vegetable or chicken essence add 5x soup spoon warm water

* 1 tsp salt

* some pepper

* washed the sliced onions and put it in together

* put in sliced sour pickles and pickle water

* put all sliced potatoes in

* use 2 big spoons to mix all together

* add 2 soup spoons salad oil in, put in fridge 1 or 2 hours bofore serving

Suggestion: If you are busy tomorrow you can do it one night before
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