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Frozen Elsa Abducted by ALIEN! w/ Spiderman, Spiderg...

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  • 2 years ago
Frozen Elsa Abducted by ALIEN! w/ Spiderman, Spidergirl & Hulk FUNNY Superhero in Real Life

Elsa and Spiderman are taking a walk and looking around together. Elsa spots some flowers and asks Spiderman to get her one. As his back is turned, a UFO drives by and abducts her. Spiderman tries his best to save her, but the space ship is simply too fast. Just as he's ready to give up, he hatches an idea. Spiderman decides to call the Hulk for help who shows up to the scene shortly after.

Together, Spiderman and the Hulk hopelessly fail to reach the unidentified flying object. Spiderman comes up with another idea. This time he'll call Yellow Spidergirl for help. Once she finally arrives to help, they assess the situation together. Unfortunately, Spidergirl finds herself unable to help as well. She shoots her webs at the UFO only to find the same result as her male counterpart.

Eventually, the pair come up with a plan to call Superman for help. It only takes a moment for Superman to lift off, fly to the location, and land. He greets his friends before taking off and saving Elsa from the aliens. As he grabs the hostage and begins to fly away, Superman turns back and uses his laser eyes to destroy the UFO once and for all.

The alien controlling the foreign space ship lands on Earth, and is attacked by Spiderman. As the Alien is running off, Spiderman finally lands with Elsa in tow. The four friends are celebrating and hanging out together as the alien is crying. Elsa notices this and comes over to comfort him over his broken space ship. Elsa tells Superman who helps him fly by giving his new friend his trusted cape.

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