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Fusion 2.5 - Drawing and animating sprites tutorial

3kliksphilip Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
This tutorial is based on TGF2, which is the cut-down version of MMF2 and hence 2.5, they're all practically identical in the way that they operate, if there are any differences that I discover then I shall change the video / add notes where appropriate.

The website below isn't finished yet, but should help to advise you on whether this is the right game maker for you to use.


TGF 2 is 'The Games Factory 2, and is free to download and to use. Watch this tutorial first, as it will explain things better.


I don't go into HOW to draw sprites, since that's your job. I simply explain how to get them working properly in-game with proper positioning, and then go on to explain how to animate objects. There will be more explanation regarding animation in future videos, but for now I think that this is enough.

0:00 - What this tutorial is teaching. Sort of.
0:06 - Basic drawing of character (Not that useful)
0:23 - Objects teleporting when they change direction (Hot spot)
1:17 - Deciding where bullets are shot from (Action spot)
1:52 - Animations overview
2:28 - Making your own animations (Without pre-set properties)
2:50 - Making an animation (The process of making it)
3:26 - Looping / changing speed of animation
4:00 - Sped up drawing of sprites
6:13 - Automatic Rotations (Alternative, easier but more specific way of rotating objects)
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