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G2A Claims It's The Ultimate Victim After Being Prov...

Jim Sterling Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 months ago
Last year, G2A smugly offered to pay ten times the costs for any game proven to be sold fraudulently on their site. One developer took them up on it and is now owed almost $40,000 after it was demonstrated that, yes, many stolen keys were being sold.

G2A has battled credible accusations of enabling fraud for years. The grey market business has made plenty of cash reselling cheap keys for games, but many of those keys are alleged to be stolen. G2A has always disagreed it's a problem, until now... but now THEY'RE the victims!

Retconning recent history, G2A is pretending that it's always been concerned about fraud, and that it's the one "ultimately" suffering at the hands of game thieves. You couldn't make it up, but G2A could... it makes stuff up all the time!

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