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Game Gear Longplay [128] Shining Force II: The Sword...

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  • 2 years ago

Played by: Reinc

Two months after Shining Force Gaiden, this story revolves around Deanna and his companions, young soldiers in the army of Cypress.

Shining Force II: The Sword of Hajya, released in Japan as Shining Force Gaiden II: Jashin no Kakusei (Jap. Shining Force Side Story II: Awakening of the Evil God), is a 1993 fantasy turn-based tactics role-playing game for the Sega Game Gear. Along with the original Gaiden, The Sword of Hajya was remade as Shining Force CD.

The game consists of a series of turn-based tactical battles interspersed with short cutscenes. Between cutscenes the player is allowed to save the game, promote characters, resurrect the fallen, and sometimes buy and sell weapons and healing items. The combat and leveling mechanics are identical to those of Shining Force.

The North American release of Shining Force Gaiden II made drastic alterations to the spells Blaze level 3 and Freeze level 3, more than doubling the damage they inflict while increasing the radius of their effect from two to three squares as well. This results in mage characters being overpowered compared to other playable characters. Enemies with level 3 magic are also overpowered, as any one of them can kill several characters at full health in a single move. For some reason, level 2 of Quick spell only affects the caster, but has no effect. This seems like an error.

Localized version contains a ludicrous amount of translation errors. Only among character names, there are: Deanna is Shu; Jaha is Aaron; Eric is Kraid; Dawn is Angela; Luke is Bill; Slade is Sane; May is Marrian; Claude is Barry; Rohde is Gamez; Gyan is Teddy (as in, a Teddy Bear); characters Higgins and Rush are actually Hanzou and Musashi from the original Shining Force; Ruth is Lug, the same one from the first game and from the first SF Gaiden. Also, Hanzous spells, Katon and Raijin, are renamed into Sarah and Randolf, which I find mind-boggling. Many stupid mistakes, such as referring to balloons as some Ballon person at one point and then just calling them balloons afterwards, are frequent in the script.

I play on default difficulty, then show altered title screen for unlockable Hard difficulty, then show sound test and Turbo mode, then some miscellaneous stuff. After I recruit Rush, I do a lot of grinding, which I did not record.
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