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Giving Zoe Her Christmas Presents!!

Sprinkleofglitter Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Giving Zoe her Christmas Presents!!
Zoe's Video of my presents!! - https://youtu.be/DJylWm7ybZY
Previous Video - http://bit.ly/1PcHOMz



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About Me ::

Aloha, I'm Louise! I started this channel in 2009 after readers of my blog (also called Sprinkle of Glitter) suggested I give YouTube a try. I was instantly hooked and have found my internet playground on here. I make videos about beauty products, fashion, positive living, lifestyle and occasionally have special guests (friends, kittens or my sweet Daughter Darcy) come and have fun on here too!

I try to upload every Monday (around 6pm GMT) and also upload on my second channel (Sprinkle of Chatter) on a more ad hoc basic. I'm a free spirit!

I chitchat every single day on my other social media (linked below) so do some and say hi and I have recently launched a beautiful book, 'Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter', which is out now in the UK and available for pre-order (released September 15th) in the US.

Big sparkly hugs and kisses,

Louise xxx


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