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Glock 17 Baked In A Cake - Will It Survive?

MattV2099: Guns & Food Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Can you bake a Glock into a cake? Pull it out and shoot it? This is the idea that influenced me enough to create the "guns and food" youtube channel. Meant as a spoof on all the dirt, sand and mud Glock torture tests. I wanted a Glock test to rule them all. With help from a co-operator I was able to pull this off. A lot of work went into this test! The title of this video is: Glock 17 Baked In A Cake - Will It Survive?

The Glock food torture test is my signature operation. Combining guns and food the Red Jello Glock video launched my channel from obscurity into the blogosphere. Continuing on that theme I have built a regular series that still continues to pull in significant views. From gross to scrumptious we cover a broad range of so called "foods." The idea for this series came from my desire to spoof all the dirt and sand Glock torture tests with a Glock baked into a cake. Realizing that baking a cake was hard I instead decided to use jello. Because anyone can make jello, even a knucklehead like me. Sit back, relax and watch this playlist in it's entirety. then come back often because there will always be more vids added.

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7.62x39 shirt worn in this video is by Russian Roulette Clothing

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Music used:
Infected Euphoria by Machinimasound.com
Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License | https://machinimasound.com/license

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