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Glock Brand Glocks - Hickok45 Parody Contest

MattV2099: Guns & Food Follow
  • Video description
  • 8 years ago
What happens when Hickok45 has a parody contest and Mattv2099 decides to throw his hat in the ring? Glockok45 happens. As you can see by the massive amount of Glockazines (Glock Pistol magazines) and multitude of different models of Glock pistols, Mattv2099 took his parody to the extreme. In March of 2013 Hickok45 earned 500k subscribers. He announced a video response parody contest. This was what happened.

From Hickok45's video:
Here's your chance to "Be like Hickok45" and show your effort to the world! Granted, nobody has the acting ability to come off as dumb as I am, but perhaps you can capture enough other quirks to make viewers believe! :-)
Name your video "Hickok45 Parody by Your username" and submit it as a Video Response to this video. I'll approve it if it's titled correctly and meets the criteria outlined in the video.
Keep it under 10 minutes, preferably shorter.
Be sure to demonstrate safe gun handling with eye and ear protection. Be careful of language and such. Enjoy!
P.S. This is all in fun. Anything that is actually mean-spirited will not be approved. Trolls and Haters will always be around, but not here. :-)

Life Is Good and that's all I've got to say about that!

About mattv2099's comedy and entertainment videos: These videos were designed to make you laugh and smile or shock you into calling me a moron. My motto is: Funny, stupid or educational. Well this is where the funniest and stupidest videos live. Intended as a fun hobby the majority of my youtube creations have bee inspired to be funny or stupid. Most notably are the World's Most Outrageous Gun Fails series. In this series I am simply using extra footage or highlights to optimize the funny and stupid element. These are the videos that have the potential to reach the most viewers. My most viewed video "600 round assault clip" has even been reported in a South Korean newspaper. Inspired by Time Magazines inaccurate reporting of the existence of 600 round magazines the video has almost a half a million views! Check the playlist for more of my videos in that style Thanks for watching!

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