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Glory Part 2: Baby Jay-Z (ft. Peanut Eminem) Key of ...

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  • Video description
  • 6 years ago
Jay Z and Beyonce's baby has been through a lot, and nothing's going to stop her voice from being heard!

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P.O. Box 30921 New York, NY 10011

Yo it's been one month to the day
Since I came out Beyonce's Vajayjay
My favorite beverage is breast milk and Henessey
I crashed facebook when the whole world tried friending me
You ain't ever seen an infant who can sing dance, and rap
I own two of every item sold at the baby gap
When I was born they kicked everyone out of the maternity ward
And when I die they'll kick them dead bodies out of the graveyard
I'm a product of top shelf breedin'
My pee pee is so pure you could feed it to a vegan
I got sick whip that I can't drive and a sick hacienda
You could grow a money tree usin' just my placenta
Other babies my age are blind and can't even sit up
Just cryin' and lyin' in their own filth and spit up
I got my flow from my dad and my moms good looks
I'm the only baby rapper that can sing its own hooks
I'm Jay-Z and Beyonce's Baby a strong single lady
My strollers a Mercedes
I'm a infant, but I'm a survivor my life has been tested
I survived three trimesters
I bet you didn't know that Kanye had a baby eh
Just last week he adopted me from Haiti wah
I don't have any cognitive reasoning skills
But I just dropped 3 albums, and I'm payin' all my old lady's bills
For real I Got an endorsement deal my own line of onesies
They got pictures of bunnies and zebras and gunzies
I could make a number 2 and that shit could go straight to number one
I'm gonna get on that right after my nap, goodnight I'm done
Eminem couldn't have no more babies with Kim
So he cloned me and made me, I'm Peanut Eminem
Right out of the gate making albums and mix tapes
My shit is so fly it comes out wearin' a red cape
The other day I got cranky the nurse tried to spank me
But I flipped the script and turned around and spanked her and she thanked me
I never had the advantages ya'll had when you was comin' up
I was made in a test tube that had a screw loose so now I'm fucked up
I'm about tear the whole baby rap game apart
Soft spot on my head but hard spot in my heart
Ima rip of this bib and I'll burn down this crib
This is no way to live, and now I'm cryin' cus I'm a kid
These baby emcees have all got me perspiring
The baby game has changed to much that's it I'm retiring.
I'm leavin but I'm planning my comeback
You'd better watch your backs
I'll be on you like diaper rash
A cow goes moo
My pants are full of poo
my stroller bounces when it rolls down the avenue
Do I use a car seat hell no you know why?
Cus the front seats where you wanna be when you're doin' a drive by
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