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Grimorium Game Sample - PC/Indie

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 9 years ago
Action starts at 5:59

Here is a cool game brought to my attention in PM! The extra awesome thing about this mention is that it is perfect for the month. The game says that it is a demo, but I've played numerous lengthy stages and beaten a boss so far and the game seems to go on. I hope that it will be finished soon.

Grimorium is a game made with Game Maker 8 by "Ghettoyouth" and has been in the works for several years. You control a vampire by the name of Lilia de la Croix who works for a mysterious organization named Paradox...an organization set up to stand watch at the "Forbidden Library". Why? In the Forbidden Library, there is an incredibly powerful grimoire known as the "Grimorium Verum"...it was written long ago by a wizard who was insane. Obviously, the Grimorium Verum gets stolen and that's what your quest deals with...getting it back!

Lilia can double jump, shoot regular magic and charge magical power to shoot more powerful shots (that can break larger objects and defeat enemies regular shots can't). Along the course of her wacky adventure, she can obtain money to buy new spells with different properties (as you will see, I get a shot with tracking abilities in this video) as well as buy health and magic power upgrades and possibly other upgrades in the future. It isn't all about buying upgrades though; the game does encourage exploration a bit as you can find special items scattered on different parts of the levels.

By obtaining soul power from defeating enemies and by unearthing some that may exist in blocks, Lilia can fill up a bar to go berserk. During this time, Lilia's magic shots are always powerful (whereas when Lilia rapidly shoots normally, the shots get progressively weaker as she gets lower on magic energy) and she is invincible. However, she can't shoot charged shots in this mode so if large blocks get in the way, be mindful of that. Berserk mode really comes in handy if you can save your power for a boss. Speaking of saving power though, your berserk bar goes back to empty when you complete a stage; that power cannot be carried over (at this time).

The game (in it's current stage) does not seem to possess any nudity (though some things are definitely in the hentai and ecchi category). This intro PROBABLY didn't have to be censored; I vaguely thought I saw beyond the fog though. I'd rather not take any chances...votebots and spammers and all. The important thing is that the video is done, right? Anyhoo, that said, I am putting the disclaimer here that you download the game at your OWN RISK and that I am not responsible for the actions of another human being, ha ha!

NOTE: The link where the game was hosted does not appear to be working right now and is one of those bullcrap spam advertising pages instead. I'll see if I can upload this in the very near future...if I forget (because I have TONS of stuff going on), please kindly remind me. Thanks!
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