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Healthy KOREAN BREAKFAST - Trying Korean Porridge + ...

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  • 1 year ago
With another day in Seoul, South Korea upon me, my boy Sam and I started our day with a super healthy and tasty Korean porridge breakfast and then headed over to Changdeokgung Palace to tour this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site! Come along with us as we continue exploring the city of Seoul!

Sam: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTsUMBOA8E-OHJE-UrFOnA

For breakfast, I wanted to go with a porridge with shrimp and seaweed, with some kimchi fried rice on the side. The fried rice in South Korea rivals that of China in quality, so I knew it would be good! I couldn’t wait to dig in.

My breakfast feast was yet another incredible, delicious-looking spread. It included the porridge and the kimchi fried rice, as well as banchan including white radish soup, marinated beef, white radish, and a spicy-looking fish. Porridge is a big breakfast food item in South Korea. There were about 50 varieties on the menu!

The porridge reminded me of a risotto and was very moist with lots of rice, seaweed, and big pieces of shrimp. It wasn’t spicy at all but was super tasty and flavorful!

Then I dove into some of the banchan, including the cold radish soup, which was a little sweet and had a slight kick. I liked the onion and chilies in it! Then, I went for the white radish on the side, which was really moist and had a strong flavor!

The marinated beef was packed with flavor, especially soy sauce. It was super moist and so tasty. It was bathed in soy sauce and was incredible! The next item was a mixed seafood in a red paste sauce. There was fish and maybe octopus in it, and it was really amazing!

Next was the kimchi fried rice, which was full of flavor! It was my first spicy fried rice and there were also lots of vegetables in it. It was one of the best fried rice dishes on the planet! It was fantastic!

Meanwhile, Sam ordered a Korean red bean porridge that also contained rice balls, which were soft and chewy. The red bean is more savory than other red bean dishes in South Korea, which are often mixed with sugar.

Our breakfast came to 24,000 won, or about $20 U.S. The most expensive thing was the fried rice!

From there, we caught a taxi to Changdeokgung Palace, which was 10 minutes away. Changdeokgung Palace dates back to 1405 and served as the main residence of the Joseon kings. It costs 3,000 won ($2.82 U.S.) to see the palace and an extra 5,000 ($4.19 U.S.) to see the secret gardens. 8,000 won, or $6.71 U.S., was more than worth it to see a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site like this one!

Inside, the grounds were very spacious with lots of trees. There are over 26,000 species of trees there! It was the favorite palace of the royal family because of the peaceful atmosphere. There were lots of gates and bridges. The secret garden is twice the size of the palace itself!

We saw the hall where the king was coronated and his throne. It was also used for royal ceremonies. There was also a terrace with amazing views of Seoul! The architecture was really unique, and each palace in Seoul is completely different from one another.

The main staircase is reserved for royalty, so we had to go around to the side to enter. We visited a residence that had mats and paintings inside. It was pretty basic!

Then, we met three Korean girls dressed in beautiful hanboks! On a sad note, this was my final episode with Sam because he had to leave!

I hope you enjoyed coming with us for our Korean breakfast and tour of Changdeokgung Palace! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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