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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger | Communist Chin...

Pravus Gaming Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 months ago
The new expansion for Heart of Iron 4 - Waking the Tiger - focuses on the massive war between the various Chinese factions and the expansionist Japanese empire. In this campaign, we will play as Communist China. Exhausted from the Long March, we will need to gather our strength if we ever hope to reunite the country under our rule. But the Japanese are sounding the drums of war. Do we put aside our feud with the nationalists to fend off a common enemy? Or wait for them to fall and then instigate a glorious revolution?

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No copyright infringement intended. Hearts of Iron 4 copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to Paradox Interactive. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the gameplay and associated commentary.

Music credit:
"Shake Down"
by Gavin Luke
Provided by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)
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