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Home Workout - Best Exercises

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  • 3 years ago
►Jason Altidor◄ - December 2011, I stopped exercising for 4 months. My eczema was at its worst and I wasn't watching what I was eating. I feel low in energy, tired and frustrated. The knee accident (torn lateral menisus) really put me through a loop. I was determined to change my lifestyle for the better.
I started doing the basics with pushups, dips and pullups. Couldn't do squats or jumps yet. When I started going back to the gym I was using the single leg curl machine at 10lbs. Did STEP UPS which eventually lead to BOX JUMPS then lead to PISTOLS. Focussed a lot on my CORE.
A few leg raises at a time. Isolation holds. Knee tuck holds. My body was transforming, not just from the outside but from within. I cut down my sugar and dairy intake. I eat less bread and added more vegetables to my diet. Noticed my energy level was INCREASING and my eczema was GONE.
Before the accident I was fit, but NOW I feel I'm in the best shape of my life INSIDE and OUT. NEVER let obstacles stop you from becoming a BETTER person, in every SHAPE of form. I hope to MOTIVATE others to start making the right changes and adjustments in OUR everyday LIVES.
Everyone's journey will be different, but in the end we all SHARE the same GOAL. Being a better and stronger you than you were yesterday!
★ https://www.youtube.com/user/altidorj
★ https://www.instagram.com/jason_thecore_altidor/
★ http://www.jasonaltidor.com/
★ https://www.facebook.com/strengthoversize
►Motiondynamixmia◄ - Hello, my name is Kenny. I am a fitness professional living in Miami, Florida. This video MOTIONDYNAMIXMIA features a collection of videos and inspirational ideas geared towards empowerment through various movement patterns. Calisthenics as well as other functional training are useful for various sports conditioning. I hope that you like the content and find some inspiration that can be applied to your personal training program. NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS!
★ https://www.instagram.com/powerguy4u/
★ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Motiondynamixmia/168054936680002
★ https://www.youtube.com/user/MOTIONDYNAMIXMIA
★ https://twitter.com/Motiondynamix
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