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Hooded Fleece Mitten Review - Carol Davis Sportswear...

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  • 7 years ago
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http://www.davissportswear.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=14 - As mentioned in the video - these mittens are awesome and I love my pair. They really stretch and do a great job wicking and keeping my hands warm.

"WEB PAWS" Hooded Mittens Your fingers will actually stay warmer in mittens where they are close together and touching as opposed to being individually separated in fingered gloves. Our mittens go to new heights in functionality --- they are hooded! The hoods can be pulled back flat and folded under to neatly expose the fingers (as in the picture) when you need the dexterity without having to take off the mitten. Even the thumb is hooded when you need use of that opposing digit. "Web Paws" hooded mittens are constructed from the same fabulous, cold-weather fleece as our body suits and socks -- soft and fleecy on the inside and smoother with a tighter weave on the outside. Wear them alone as is, wear them as a liner under other mittens or wear fingered gloves underneath these mittens depending on your activity and the conditions. Very stretchy and machine washable. http://www.davissportswear.com

Hooded Fleece Mitten Review - Carol Davis Sportswear - Cold Weather Winter Gloves

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