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Horton Fitness Feat of The Week 004 "The Lever"...

Tony Horton Follow
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  • 9 months ago
P90X2 was designed to turn strong, healthy P90X grads into athletes. One move in X2 that took me four months to learn how to do is called, The Lever.

I learned The Lever from 9 time All American Gymnast, Chuck Gaylord. Chuck (brother of Olympic Gold Medal winner Mitch Gaylord) was this insane athlete Bobby, Fifer, and I met at the old muscle beach during our Sunday workouts many moons ago. Without his instruction and guidance I would have never figured it out.

The Lever is counterintuitive to everything you know about a traditional pull-up, so I asked my good pal Bobby Stephenson to help me help you learn this week’s Horton Fitness Feat of The Week.

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