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How an Archer Became the NEW Firecracker! The FULL F...

World of Clash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale Follow
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  • 12 months ago
As stated by supercell themsevles, the firecracker is the result of what happens when an archer gets bored. So what enticed a regular old archer to suddenly want to start shooting a mini rocketlauncher from her shoulder instead of her good ol trusty bow and arrow? And why is there only 1 firecracker when there are 2 archers? FInd out all of that and more, inside of the Firecrackers origin story!

As you may have already guessed, the story of the firecracker starts off with 2 archers. This archer duo was quite the power duo, and the king loved having them as part of his battle deck because they were cheap and he could always rely on them. ANyway, one day the king decided to enter into a grand challenge, and with the archers help, he climbed up to 11 wins and 2 losses. Finally, during an incredibly intense final battle, it was starting to come down to the wire, where both teams took out eachother princess towers, and so there was 1 kings tower left standing on both sides. The blue king played the archer duo on defence to defend an incoming push. Unfortuantely, one of the archers was taken out, while the other archer stayed alive. And fortuantely enough, she stayed alive just long enough to fire one last shot befoer the buzzer went off. That one last arrow flew past all of the battling troops. It sailed by a wizard getting his nose picked, a goblin humping the air, a prince getting a face full of butt, and a really cowardish knight and a soon to be naked goblin before finally making contact with the red kings king tower. The arrow did just enough daamge to finish off the last of the tower. All of the blue team went crazy, and started cheering, and hoasting the archer above their heads as if she were all their hero. The troops then exited the arena with the archer still above their heads since the next battle was going to start soon. And as many of you already know, even though troops can be killed in battle, they are never truly gone. Because 10 seconds later, you can use those exact same troops in the next battle, or once you cycle your deck a bit. And so after the battle the archer that was killed during the battle went to go find her archer partner. The one archer tried to go see her partner but she was surrounded by so many troops cheering that she couldnt get to her. She had to wait for the crowd to disperse before she could finally get in there. Once she finally did get to her, they had to go to their next battle. And during the next battle, the king and the other troops didnt forget about what the heroic archer did, they all continued to shout support and some troops like the giant even through themselves in front of only her to guard her from danger, since she was that important to them now. It went on like this for a few days, where the one archer lived in the heroic archers shadow.
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