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How Long Should Your Workouts Be? | How Long Should ...

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  • 4 years ago
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"Does the amount of time you spend exercising matter? For example, is it better to do longer workouts less often or shorter workouts more often?" - Liz Woodall, FB New Zealand

This is a great question Liz. In my opinion, the total amount of time, calorie burn or distance doesn't matter as much as you might think. I've seen people working out for 2 hours at the gym, but they only give each workout about 50 percent effort, which essentially means they are probably getting much less out of their workout time than if they simply spent 30-minutes full focused on giving it their all.

The length of your workout should really vary depending on your personal goal and the workout type. For example, true HIIT (or high intensity interval) workouts should be much shorter due to the high level of energy and effort required to perform them. Whereas more lower intensity workouts can be done for a longer amount of time because they don't tax your energy stores as fast.

Here on JESSICASMITHTV our monthly class schedules are set up so that you are constantly mixing up the length and intensity of your workouts (along with the types of routines) for the best possible results. I'm often asked if 20 or 30 minutes are "enough" exercise for the day, and I believe that it can be in a balanced rotation that includes healthy eating, plenty of sleep and lots of daily activity as well. I spend a lot of time and effort putting together our workout schedules to help make sure you have the best possible plan for maximum results and energy.

Our modern lifestyle has us more sedentary than ever, so even if you aren't "working out" try to keep moving as much as possible throughout your day. I've see many people struggle to lose weight even though they workout for an hour every day because they spend the remainder of their day sitting. So it's not only about how much time you clock in during your workout, but what you do with the rest of your time too!

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