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How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight? | Si...

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  • 9 months ago
Do you want to know how to lose fat as fast as possible? Rapid weight loss can cause you to hit a wall in progress, rebound weight gain, excess loose skin, and can even damage your metabolism. In today’s video, we'll show you the sweet spot for maintainable, healthy weight loss.

0:05 Intro - In this Whiteboard Educational video, we simplify what your daily calorie deficit should be for fat and weight loss.

3:48 How many pounds should I be losing per week?

4:34 What should my calorie deficit be per day?
This is for those who have 10 or more pounds to lose. This is the caloric deficit you would aim for in order to lose an average of 1 lb per week. Again, we are striving for health and longevity.

5:37 What if I have less than 10 lbs to lose?
To avoid a plateau in weight loss, a conservative calorie deficit is recommended to start. This gives you space to drop more calories at a later time if needed.

6:14 How To Measure Progress
The number one reason that people give up and/or regain weight is that they measure progress with the scale. Measure every 3-4 weeks, and measure more than just your weight on the scale.

7:22 Aggressive Caloric Deficit
You want to begin losing weight by consuming as many calories as possible, and still being in a deficit. An aggressive caloric deficit can lead to sagging skin. It’s better to go slow and allow your skin time to catch up with your weight loss. It also doesn’t leave you much room to reduce calories again to continue weight loss.

8:55 Adjusting Calories After Losing Weight
Keep in mind that your calories will need to be adjusted since your basal metabolic rate will decrease with your weight loss. You can learn more about calculating your BMR from our previous video: https://youtu.be/znsj73q_Oms Please don’t adjust your caloric intake too frequently! This is where having a coach to guide you through any doubts, body dysmorphia, or questions can be highly beneficial. Learn more about our Jumpstart Coaching and community here: https://shop.sixpackabs.com/shop/product/jump-start-coaching-subscription

*We will go into detail on how to adjust your calories as you lose weight in our next video. We will also address hormones, medical conditions, gut health, and other factors that can interfere with fat loss in a future video.

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-Coach Jonny Catanzano & Coach Crystal Mitchell
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