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How to be a Tummler - Designing for Conversation

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  • 11 years ago
Google Tech Talks
November 18, 2008


Community evolves from conversation. And an evolved community inherently evolves the conversation.
How do you create genuine conversation for many people that don't always know each other yet? How do you create conditions that encourage trust and cross-connections? How do you tummel or draw people out and build the collective energy?

Innovative comedian Heather Gold explains basic differences between presentation and conversation and the assumptions underneath each. More entertainingly (and usefully) she demonstrates these ideas by creating a great conversation in the room so that all can feel the difference.

Speaker: Heather Gold
Im a nationally-touring comedian and playwright who makes authentic conversations happen. Ive known business and technology audiences since I began to work the web in 1995. I have a surprisingly respectable past working in strategy roles with many Internet start-ups, New Line Cinema, Knowledge Adventure, and Apple Computers first music group which pioneered webcasting. Smart, funny audiences at my Internet Roast inspired me to open source aspects of my show. I continue to mix theatre, stand-up and aspects of the Net to create interactive performance. I also work in one-to-many mediums: I wrote Alan Cummings material as the host of the Webbys and provide commentary for media like the San Jose Mercury News, TheStreet.com and CBC Radio. Much to my parents delight, I have degrees from Yale and Northwestern Law. My unusually-named talk show mashes up extremely diverse guests and the audience around a universal theme.

I promise you that I will never use the words leverage or synergize unless its for a very important lifesaving purpose.
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