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How To Build A City :: Minecraft :: Ocean Turbines :...

Z One N Only Gaming Follow
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  • 3 years ago
Latest World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/img8bmjt2kxg7jm/ZONOCityEpisode300.rar/file

Latest Texture Pack Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3savsnz4h4a58p8/ZONOCityTexturePackEpisode300.rar/file

All mods need to be compatable with 1.7.10 version of Minecraft. If there are newer versions of the mods listed below, they will probably not work with the version of Minecraft that this city was created on.

Forge launcher required - 1.7.10
World Edit Forge 1.7.10 - 6.0
More Commands
CustomNPCs 1.7.10
Rei Minimap 1.7.10
Malisiscore 1.7.10 - 0.14.3
Malisisdoors 1.7.10 - 1.13.2
MCHeli 1.7.10 - 0.10.7
RTM NGTLib 1.7.10 -
Traincraft 1.7.10 - 4.3.5
FlenixCitiesCore 1.7.10 - 0.17.0
FlenixRoads 1.7.10 - 0.10.0
Aesthetic Beacons 1.7.2 - 1.0.1
ShadersModCore 1.7.10 - 2.3.31
Soggytransportation 1.7.10 - 3.5.0
Flans Mod 1.7.10 - 4.9.0
Flans Mod Plus 1.7.10 - 4.10.0
Motor Pack
Simple Parts Content Pack
Milox117s Car Package
147 Spinos Vehicles
Alcara V1
Fex Vehicle Pack
Manus Civil Package
Modern Warefare Content Pack

This series I show you how to build a Minecraft City from scratch. Building houses, skyscrapers and everything else you would need for a massive Minecraft city.

In this series we are building an entire city from scratch. All buildings, all roads, everything! With also have a few awesome mods to totally bring this world to life, all the mods can be found lower in the description. Including driveable cars and other vehicles and flyable planes and helicopters. The goal, after completing the city, is to make a GTA or Grand Theft Auto clone inside of Minecraft. We already have the vehicles as well as usable, reloadable weapons including pistols, SMGs, Assault rifles and rocket launchers, all of which can be modified with different sights, scopes and silencers. We also have the ability to completely populate the city with NPCs. All programmed to respond in the most realistic way possible to certain situations. This includes cops shooting at you if you assault or shoot them first, criminals that when confronted by police will battle it out on the streets and traders that will buy and sell all sorts of equipment using the worlds economy. Rei's Minimap Mod is also used to give that authentic open world game feel that can detect players and vehicles as dots on the map.

This world has no seed, it was created by myself using a program called World Painter. I am using my own texture pack that currently has no download as I am still modifying blocks to suit the look of our city including road markings and other custom textures using blocks you never use in this theme.

Intro Music:
Call To Adventure - Kevin Macleod

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