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  • 11 years ago
CLICK(more info)⬆ http://life-regenerator.com * http://Donate.life-regenerator.com * http://Shop.life-regenerator.com * http://Read.life-regenerator.com * http://FOOD-PROCESSOR.life-regenerator.com * http://CITRUS-SQUEEZER.life-regenerator.com
Pomegranate, Pears, Apples & Mandarin Oranges...YUM! ❤

* I n g r e d i e n t s *
For the SALAD:
— 1 Pomegranate
— Kale (I used 5 different kinds in this vid only because I got some of them out of my garden, and some from the store...but you only need use 1 kind, don't worry!)
— Lettuce (whatever varieties you so desire!)
— Pears, cored & chopped into bite-sized chunks
— Apples, cored & chopped into bite-sized chunks
— Mandarin Oranges, peeled & sectioned (save one for the dressing!)

— 1 Mandarin
— 1 Lime

* P r e p a r a t i o n *
— 1) Have you ever wanted to know how to eat a pomegranate? Well this is how you get those pomegranate seeds out (you can just use this video for this part alone, if you'd rather just eat the pomegranate seeds alone!). Cut the pomegranate in half, and then pick the seeds out of the white pith by hand, dumping the seeds into a bowl, while just tossing the pieces of pith into the trash or your compost bin. Then, fill the bowl of seeds with water and allow the smaller remaining pieces of pith to float to the top so you can easily scrape & pick them away for disposal. Pour the water out and voilà, there are your pomegranate seeds! Either enjoy them as is, or use in the salad you're about to make!

— 2) Run all the kale and lettuce through your food processor with the chopper blade attachment in place, and then transfer everything to a serving bowl or platter. http://FOOD-PROCESSOR.life-regenerator.com

— 3) Add the bite-sized pear & apple chunks as well as the mandarin orange pieces to your salad.

— 4) For the "dressing," squeeze the juice of 1 Mandarin Orange and 1 Lime over the top of your salad, using a manual citrus squeezer if you can, as you'll get a lot more juice out! http://CITRUS-SQUEEZER.life-regenerator.com

— 5) If you have the time, allow your salad to marinate for several hours or overnight.

— 6) Serve, and enjoy!

* I n s p i r a t i o n *
— A simple diet, leads to a simple life and a simple mind! By simple mind I mean that the less number of food combinations you eat at a time, the less your mind will be going off in so many different directions, and the clearer your mind will be. It will allow you to peel away the layers of things that are holding you back from being your best.

— The more simple you eat, the easier it is to see the areas in your life that you can improve. When your mind is clear, you become more conscious of what you've been telling yourself in your head, and you'll become more cognizant of any negative self-talk that you might have been doing, but don't be alarmed: just being able to recognize it is a big step! If you're able to take the next big step and allow those negative thoughts to be replaced with positive ones, great! If all you can do now is just be aware that you sometimes have negative thoughts, then just continue to be thankful that you're now more capable of noticing such thoughts just as soon as they come up! Many people can't even see/acknowledge at ALL how negatively they think, so be thankful for your newfound increased awareness of EVERYTHING, both the 'good' and the 'bad' (for it is really ALL 'ok,' by the way!).

— Practice infusing NEW positive messages into your thought patterns, such as: "I'M THIN, HEALTHY & FIT!"

— If you continue to pour in positive thoughts, this will eventually simply leave no room at all for any negative thoughts to come in! ;)

— Use your clear mind as a tool to untie the heavy knots that bind you to this world & the heavy burdens that you hold in your unconscious mind about who you are & what your life is like...and then you can CHANGE YOUR STORY!

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Love, Dan
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