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How to Find Free Over-the-Air ("OTA") HDTV Antennas ...

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel Follow
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  • 9 months ago
▶︎OTA HDTV Equipment - https://IrixGuy.com/freehdtv

Are you fed up with expensive cable TV or satellite TV bills? I price haggled with cable and satellite TV providers for several years and was able to negotiate acceptable monthly rates. However, I recently learned that my "acceptable rates" were still too expensive. Since I've made the switch to free over-the-air television, I couldn't be happier! There was a small initial investment for quality OTA HDTV equipment but that's much better than continuing to pay a monthly cable television or satellite television bill. I hope that you enjoy my free OTA HDTV videos and you can find all over-the-air HDTV equipment like I use here https://IrixGuy.com/freehdtv . #OTA #HDTV

▶︎My Amazon Store - https://irixguy.com/amazon

Equipment used to film this video:
▶︎Camera - https://irixguy.com/mya7r4gear
▶︎24-70mm Lens - https://irixguy.com/mya7r4gear
▶︎Microphone (wireless) - https://irixguy.com/mya7r4gear
▶︎Tripod - https://irixguy.com/mya7r4gear

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