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How to make Borscht | Beet Soup Recipe | Борщ, Как п...

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  • 7 years ago
Borscht is a traditional Ukrainian beet soup, which tastes a lot better than it sounds. There are many ways to make it. Makes a fairly large pot, approximately 8-10 servings. My mother used to make this hearty soup at least once a week. You can have this for dinner or lunch. The passion for this hearty soup made from beets cuts across all classes and economic levels in Russia as well as in neighbouring countries in Eastern and Central Europe. I love this beet soup, it is so healthy, so delicious and the colour just makes you smile.

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For the Borscht you will need:
2 medium carrots
2 medium potatoes
1 tomato
1 head of garlic
1 onion
1 head of white cabbage
4 beets
1 kg of beef ribs
1 litre of beef or chicken stock
Dill or parsley

To make this delicious and easy soup you need to do the following:
Step 1 : Boil the ribs in 1 litre of water with stock.
Step 2 : Prepare all the vegetables. Cut the potatoes into cubes, grate the carrots, cut the onion with garlic and beetroot. Cut the cabbage into strips and tomato.
Step 3 : Fry onions, garlic and carrots together. Add salt and pepper
Step 4 : Add vegetables to the soup, first add cabbage, then beetroot, carrots, onions and garlic and mix. Add more salt and pepper.
Step 5 : Boil for 20 min and then add potatoes and tomato
Step 6 : Boil for another 10 min on medium heat and serve.
Step 7 : Add sour cream to your soup ( add dill as well if you have) and serve!

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.

Борщ суп. Его любят не только в России и Украине, но и в Польше (баршч), Литве (барщчяй), Румынии и Молдове (борш). В каждой семье свой рецепт борща. Мне хотелось бы поделиться с вами одним из своих рецептов. Насыщенный цвет и вкус. К этому борщику ещe чeрный хлебушек, чесночок и ложечку сметаны. М-м-м вкусно.

Для борщ вам понадобится:
2 средних моркови
2 средних картофеля
1 помидор
1 головка чеснока
1 луковицы
1 головка капусты
4 свеклы
1 кг говядины
1 литр говяжьего или куриного бульона
Укроп или петрушка
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