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How to make Jam Doughnuts, Easy Strawberry Doughnuts...

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  • 6 years ago
How to make easy strawberry jam doughnuts at home. Gooey, doughy and delicious, these homemade strawberry doughnuts offer a sweet surprise at their centre. This is my favorite doughnut because i like simple and tasty! A naughty treat that's unbeatable when eaten warm and covered in sugar.Learn this recipe for homemade jam doughnuts, providing a finger-licking good snack that will last a few days. You can experiment with different jams or even try making your own. Kids are always eager recipients of doughnuts.

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We will need :
150 ml of warm milk
30 gr of unsalted butter
20 gr of wet yeast ( 1 sachet of dry yeast)
1 egg
80 gr of granulated sugar
250 gr of plain flour
strawberry jam - can use any other jam you like
icing sugar
sunflower oil - half a bottle - around 500 ml


Step 1: In a bowl, place your yeast with sugar and warm milk, then add 2 tbsp of flour, whisk and set aside for 15 min.
Step 2: In a large bowl, whisk 1 egg yolk with sugar, then add the melted butter and the yeast mixture. Mix well, and gradually add the flour. The dough will be very very sticky, so use your hand to mix well. If its too sticky you can add a little bit of flour to make it easier to roll. Cover with a towel and leave in a warm place for 1 hour to rise.
Step 3: Place the risen dough on the floured surface and roll the dough into 1 cm thickness. You can use different sizes and shapes!
Step 4 : I am doing circular cuts and made 14 doughnuts! cover them with a towel again and leave for 30 min to raise again.
Step 5 : In a deep frying pan, place your oil and heat it. You can test the oil by dropping a piece of dough and if its starts to bubble - the oil is ready!
Step 6: Fry your doughnuts for 30 seconds on each side, only turning them once. This is a quick process, so make sure you dont leave them cooking!
Step 7: Place all the doughnuts onto the paper cloth to make sure you get rid of the excess oil.
Step 8 : If you have a syringe to pipe the doughnuts - do that! I have used a piping bag with a nosil, filled it with strawberry jam. Place the piping bag very deep into the doughnut and you will feel when its full.
Step 9 : Sprinkle doughnuts with some icing sugar all around.
Step 10 : Enjoy while they are warm, absolutely amazing doughnuts!!!! Mmmmmm!

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.

Ароматные, невозможно нежные и безумно вкусные пончики! Свежая клубника, деликатный аромат ванили и пушистое тесто – идеальные летние пончики. Наслаждаться ими лучше всего свежими, запивая холодным молоком. Пончики родом из детства. Можно приготовить с разными начинками ( вишней, черешней, бананами, шоколадом, вареньем и т.д.) или без начинки, я в этот раз приготовила с клубникой. Получается очень вкусно и уходит на ура!

Нам понадобится :
150 мл теплого молока
30 гр несоленого сливочного масла
20 гр дрожжей влажной ( 1 пакетик сухих дрожжей )
1 яйцо
80 гр сахара
250 гр муки
клубничное варенье - можно использовать любой другой джем
сахарная пудра
подсолнечное масло - половина бутылки - около 500 мл
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