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How To Outplay Really Good Players In Fortnite! (For...

GronKy Follow
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  • 4 years ago
In this video today we're gonna be going over how to kill players that are better than you in Fortnite. I see comments all the time on my videos, of people saying that they're really struggling dealing with "tryhards" or "sweaty players" when they're playing Fortnite. And in the current state of the game, where it feels like every body treats every single match like the Fortnite world cup finals, I can totally understand where people are coming from. Especially if you're a newer player or someone that just doesn't play the game all that frequently, trying to compete even in just a normal public match can be a really intimidating thing. Now I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the rip, this should be fairly obvious, but it's gonna be a difficult task to consistently win fights against players that are better than you. There's nothing that I, or anybody else, could ever tell you in a single video, that would make you able to consistently kill really good players. Especially if you're fairly average at the game yourself. But, my hope is that this video will kinda guide you guys, to winning as many fights AS POSSIBLE against players that are better than you. Even the best players in the world like tfue, ninja, and any other pro Fortnite player you could think of, has been killed probably hundreds of times by average players. So, if hundreds of average players have been able to kill tfue or ninja, there's no doubt in my mind that you can kill that super intimidating player in your lobby, who looks like he's building at the speed of light. So, I hope you guys enjoy!

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