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How to save money on a cruise

CruiseTipsTV Follow
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  • 7 years ago
Money saving tips for first time cruisers and anyone who likes to save money.

Site mentioned in video: http://www.shoretrips.com.

Today I've got a few money saving tips

Cruises are great; they are like floating all-inclusive hotels. Food, entertainment, and exotic locations all wrapped up into a nice nautical package, but if you're not careful you can end up spending more than you anticipated. And nobody wants that -- right?

Okay, my tips today are more like advice, and it's the best advice I can give you if you really want to save money. Here it is: resist temptation. It's tough love here today on CruiseTipsTV, but here's the reality.

Alternative dining, Alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, casino visits, shore excursions, Internet access, and photos can put a major strain on your pocketbook.

All right let's talk about few ways to give into temptation without breaking the bank. Let's go through the list one by one.

1. Alternative dining. Buffets are awesome, but they can get crowded and noisy. Sometimes it's nice to sit down and be served in a real restaurant. Okay, so do it, but plan on going just once or twice? If you get into a routine, it will be tough to keep costs down. Also, check to see if your cruise line offers pre-purchase packages for meals. More cruise lines are making this option available. Royal Caribbean offers packages that can save you 25% on specialty restaurants. Talk to your travel agent or check the cruise lines website after booking. You'll need proof of booking -- typically a confirmation number will get you access to the line pre-reservation offerings.

2. Alcoholic beverages. As we mentioned in a previous video, check your ship's beverage policy. Many cruise lines allow you to bring one or two bottles of wine or champagne on embarkation day. Some lines, like Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Disney offer alcoholic flat fee beverage packages that could help keep costs down.

3. Spa Treatments. Typically the best deals are had on embarkation and port days. Check with the spa as soon as you can. If you're willing to give up a port day you can save as much as 30%. Some lines also offer pre-reservations on spa treatments. So, take a good look around the website after you have your confirmation number.

4. Casinos. If you like to gamble, set a limit on how much you are willing to spend. If, or when you hit that limit, walk away. There's plenty to do elsewhere.
5. Shore excursions. Consider going it alone. Book a taxi or van tour. Research the area beforehand so you have an idea of what you want to see, then look into booking with local operators in the area. Always look for reviews from previous cruisers. Another good way to comparison shop is to use sites like http://www.shoretrips.com.

6. Internet access. Unless you really, really need to get online, just avoid the onboard Internet. It's expensive and slow ... really slow. Wait for a port day, and find an Internet café. Depending on your itinerary you may also be able to use your cellular device.

7. Photos. The photos are fun, right up until you get them to the register. If you like the photos plan on limiting yourself to just one. Better yet, take your own photos. Take a small point and shoot or your cell phone everywhere you go. Work on your self-portrait skills. It will pay off in the long run. Who knows? Maybe we'll do an episode on mastering the art of the selfie.

That's it for this episode. If you like these tips, please like, subscribe and share. We have more tips on the way.
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