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How to Shorten a Shoulder

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  • 5 years ago
We all come in different shapes and sizes! What’s right for one, won’t be for another. These principles are never more evident than when it comes to fitting a sewing pattern.
One size certainly DOES NOT fit all!

Learning how to adjust your sewing pattern will only achieve one specific goal:

Simply making tiny adjustments, tweaks and alterations will help create a wonderful, tailor made piece of clothing that frames your own unique body shape.

So ask yourself –

‘Why wouldn’t you want to learn how?’

Buy any sewing pattern and I can guarantee that the shoulder measurements won’t match your own. If they do – LUCKY YOU!

For the rest of us, adjustments are going to be needed.

The shoulder area to your sewing pattern will be standardised so if you own a pair of small shoulders, something needs to be done to stop you looking like an American footballer.
We need to cut down the excess to fit!

Shortening a shoulder occurs from the very end of the shoulder point and is tapered, down into the armhole, stopping at the notch marking.

It’s an easy process to complete. Let me show you!

1: At the shoulder point, mark the amount you wish to remove.

2: Draw a curved line from the mark, tapering it towards the notch / balance mark at the armhole.

3: Cut along this new adjustment line.

4: Repeat this process to the back.

4 easy steps to shorten a shoulder on a sewing pattern!

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