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How to Solve a Rubik's Cube - Part 2 - Bottom White ...

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  • 15 years ago
Link to Step 3:

Do you NOT see the upside down T's? Other Problems?
Then Watch this clarification video:

You must look on the top layer for corners which have a white color on the side (not top or bottom faces). Once you have found (or corrected using the R T180 Ri), you must match the other adjacent color to white (not on top again, but on the side) with its corresponding color diagonally.

Now hold the center of the color that you just matched the white corner diagonally with and the white sticker should either be on the left or right face. Then you must perform the following moves: If white facing left, do Li Ti L (Li = left quarter turn counter-clockwise, L = left quarter turn clockwise), If white facing right, do R T Ri.

You must do this for all four corners. IMPORTANT: When fixing corner pieces which have white facing UP,you must place it above the last empty corner space on bottom before doing the R T180 Ri or Li T180 L moves. IMPORTANT: you should NEVER be looking at the white color when you are placing it down, you should always be holding the center piece of the other color on the side with white while placing the corner piece.

After you have placed all 4 BOTTOM WHITE CORNERS, you should see upside down COLOR T's on the 4 sides of the cube (not top or bottom). If you do NOT have these T's, that means you DID NOT match the corner pieces properly with its side color BEFORE using the 3 moves (up, towards you, down). Match the color on the ADJACENT SIDE of WHITE with its respective center. Then, while holding that center towards you, you must see whether the corner piece is now on the LEFT or RIGHT of that center piece. If on RIGHT, do R T Ri. If on LEFT, do the Li Ti L move. Watch the video for demonstration.

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