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How to STOP hair loss and GROW longer, thicker hair

Lilith Moon Follow
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  • 3 years ago
★ How to cut yout own hair https://youtu.be/IH7KoA-uAwo
★ Grow longer, thicker hair with scalp oiling https://youtu.be/Qfi8cwJG8O4
★ Get longer hair WITHOUT extensions https://youtu.be/nf5B7iUW1Hc

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Cayenne pepper tincture helps enhance blood circulation in scalp and prevent hair loss. The capsaicin found in cayenne pepper causes a tingling sensation. Its phenolic compound with alcohol irritates skin leading to higher metabolic process on cellular level. Thus, it causes intensive blood flow. Hair follicles get extra nutrition and oxygen and, as a result, it provokes hair growth. Results of using cayenne pepper stimulant on hair are the following:
- strengthens the hair follicles,
- speeds up hair growth,
- reduces hair loss,
- eliminates dandruff and seborrhea,
- normalizes cell renewal process of the scalp.

You may use homemade cayenne pepper tincture within the year. It is possible to substitute alcohol with oil while preparing pepper tincture. But remember it will have a less stimulating effect.

Side Effects of Cayenne Pepper for Hair
- Cayenne pepper can be irritating to the eyes, nose and throat, so be careful when using it on sensitive skin or around the eyes.
- Pepper can cause skin allergy that’s why I suggest to have a test before application.
- Use gloves while applying cayenne pepper mask. Keep in mind that burning sensation caused by capsaicin may last for 12 hours.
- Before using cayenne pepper, consult a doctor for possible contraindications.
- Leaving cayenne pepper mask more than allowed may cause serious skin burn.
- Don’t apply cayenne pepper mask on hair more than 2-3 times a week. Too frequent application may lead to extremely irritated scalp.
- If you have dyed hair, be careful with pepper treatment. It can lead to unexpected color change.

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