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How to watch and download all the Apps ...

CooLoserTech Follow
  • Video description
  • 6 years ago
I had to make this video to let my viewers know how to quickly find and install the apps and games that I review in each segment.

As you guys have known and heard that I been using qr codes and links for such a long time to make it simple to get what you want... but I wasn't sure if everyone knew exactly how to use it or really knew what I was talking about, so here is this video to educate you on this feature =]

------- You will see how to scan the QR Codes ( get the one I use by clicking this link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=la.droid.qr )

-------- You will see how to click the links that will direct you straight to the Android Market

-------- You will see how to install applications without touching your phone through your internet browser logged in to your gmail account that you have on your android device.

Thank you for watching and supporting me guys, I can never say it enough, Thank you!!! =]

2 or more shows every week on dedicated App Mondays & Game Thursdays =D Subscribe & Stay Subbed =]

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Find over 1000 Apps & Games I have reviewed so far! (11/2010 - 4/2012 ) You will see the quick list in Categories of ALL the Applications & Games I have Reviewed with links to the video #Number# to watch a review for that such title. Find the latest Android tech news. Top Mobile devices to have. Deals. My Favorite Must have Apps. Help Support Forums and Contact. Merchandise (looking forward to it) and more to come as I progress in time. Spread The Word!!! =]

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On Twitter :
------ My personal -- http://Twitter.com/ThaCooLoser (everything)
------ Tech relevant -- http://Twitter.com/AndroidSavage (new)
On Facebook :
------ http://Facebook.com/ThaCooLoser
On Google+
------ https://plus.google.com/107000865491787833443/about

******* My Stuff & More

- In this video I am using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.
- The camera I use to record with audio = Canon PowerShot SX230 HS
- I edit my videos on Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0
- I love all technology, yes even Apple... I just know their iphone kinda sucks and is boring to me compared to my beloved Android =]
- My birds name is Magui and he is a Green Cheek Conure (parrot)
- I am from Portland (Hillsboro) Oregon USA
- I speak 2 languages - Spanish & of course English
- I am a Gemini and I'm 25 years young
- I started this channel on 11/15/2010
- I never even meant to do any of this. This was a fortunate happening and I started back when nobody was into what I am doing now. I had put 10 of the worst videos I ever made, and those videos got me here today!!!
- I know I inspire many people, it warms me up and makes my day...but don't rip me off or at least don't forget to give me some love (credit)

Brought to you by CooLoserTech aka ThaCooLoser =]
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