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Hulk Getting Solo Movie...Sort Of

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  • 2 years ago
Hulk Getting Solo Movie...Sort Of
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Mark Ruffalo shares some new details about what’s in store for Hulk and we’ve got the details right now on Clevver Newsfeed. We may have to wait a little longer for a Hulk solo movie, but Mark Ruffalo doesn’t seem too concerned. Fans have been clamoring for another Hulk solo movie ever since Mark Ruffalo debuted a more lighthearted version of the character in 2012’s The Avengers. Since then it’s been revealed that the solo rights are not currently in the hands of new owner Disney meaning we probably won’t be seeing a Hulk movie anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting a lot more Hulk in the future. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Ruffalo explained quote, “I’d love to do a Hulk movie, but that’s beyond my control. It’s controlled by Universal. Marvel doesn’t even hold the rights to it. So, it’s not on the horizon and I don’t know if it will be, but we’ve worked a really interesting arc into Thor 3, Avengers 3 and 4 for Banner that I think will – when it’s all added up – will feel like a Hulk movie, a standalone movie.” So it may not be the solo Hulk movie fans were hoping for, but at least we will be getting a lot more Hulk in the coming years. As for what that story arc could be, it has long been rumored that we’ll get the fan favorite “Planet Hulk” storyline from the comics and while Marvel has repeatedly denied they were doing a Planet Hulk movie, a recent rumor suggests we could see the plot play out in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok. While this should be considered rumor for now, we are issuing a spoiler warning just in case. Okay, so according to Geek.com, the plot will consist of Thor’s hammer being destroyed and Thor himself being banished from Asgard to a distant planet where he is forced to fight in a gladiator style arena. It is here where he reunites with Hulk, who is the current champion that he must fight. From there the two join forces to find a way back to Asgard in order for Thor to reclaim the throne from Loki in what is being described by Ruffalo as a Midnight Run style road trip movie. Again, this should be taken as rumor, but if this does end up being the plot of Thor 3, don’t expect it to be as dark and heavy as it sounds. Director Taika Waititi will be handling helming duties as well as contributing his brand of humor to the script. In an interview with Collider, Waititi talked about the humor of the film saying quote, “I love that one moment in Avengers when Hulk grabs Loki and rag dolls him. It lends itself to great humor…They’re wacky. They’re crazy. I think that‘s exactly what they need, to keep changing it up. They’ve got their dark films, some are more serious, and I think it’s great that they’re mixing it up. I really want to inject my style of humor into this.” As for Ruffalo, he seems excited to work with Waititi on the new Thor film telling Yahoo that his hiring continues Marvel constantly surprising people with their castings and writer and director choices. Production on Thor: Ragnarok is expected to begin this summer in Australia for a November 3rd, 2017 release with the two part Avengers Infinity War set to arrive in theaters the following May. So who out there is looking forward to seeing Hulk’s new story arc played out over three films? Head down to the comments and let us know your thoughts and then click here to find out what we want to see happen in Thor 3. I’m Erin Robinson, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon with more movie news.

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