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I’m Tyrone - If you never seen what a woolly mammoth...

The Naphil Show Follow
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  • 3 years ago
If you never seen what a woolly mammoth looks ? like after having its ? smack ? Well take a look. Wait a minute ? Willy mammoths ? can’t smoke cigarettes?! And neither should you motherfuckers!#Slap ?? #fuckallthat Big ass SIGN ? right in front of you saying no smoke‼️ But it seems like you didn’t get the memo You Barry White in the face ass ? 80s dumpster body shape having motherfucker! Had to make sure I didn’t stay too close to this motherfucker tho.? Donkey Kong over here ? looks like he can Hulk smash with one blow!!? #GameOver But lung cancer ain’t no damn game‼️ So the more you motherfuckers keep gambling ? with your life ?⚰️ the more it makes my job easier #YouStupid #CancerKills #QuitSmoking #TyroneNation #CigaretteBully
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