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Improve Your Vocabulary! The most common drinking no...

JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Drinking is one of the most basic things humans do, so we have many words in English to talk about doing it. In this lesson, I chose the most important drinking vocabulary. You'll learn to use words like sip, slug, guzzle, and many more. This lesson will give you a lot of new vocabulary you can use right away to sound more like a native speaker.

Like this lesson? Check out my video on eating vocabulary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZxswM3Xa4A
Take the quiz on this lesson at http://www.engvid.com/vocabulary-of-drinking-the-most-common-nouns-verbs-and-adjectives/


"Every man has the potential (and woman) for a great..." Hi. James from engVid. Just let me finish. I'm going to take a quick swig. [Gulps] Oh, good. [Laughs] I want to talk about drinks. I should talk about drinks. This coffee smells amazing. One more sip. I said "swig" and "sip", and you're probably thinking they're the same, but if you notice what I did when I took a swig: [Gulps], when I took a sip, maybe a taste. What? They're different; not the same. And if you ever take a swig of my beer when I offer you a sip, I won't be happy.

Let's go to the board and find out: What the heck did I just say? Okay? What the hell, talk about drinks. E drank too much. Yup, yup, yup, he did. He should have just sipped his beer, he would have been okay. I have some drawings on the board, and what we're going to do is go through drink: When we drink, what do we say? What is the difference when we use these words? And how you should use them so you can sound like a native. Right?

If you look over here, it says: "eat". There is a video, go check it out, and it has all the words for "eat" and how we went from little eating, like "nibble", to a lot, like "gorge", and that was there. It's going to be done in the same way. And if you noticed, when you looked here, there were a few words. And I've added a couple. You're going to say: "Wow, I didn't see these words before." And you're right, the words you didn't see were: "guzzle", "choke", and "consume". These are three new words. But when you drink or eat, we will use these words as well. Right? We talked about the Venn diagram showing words that are different and words that are similar to both.

In this case, "guzzle", if I'm guzzling my coffee... I won't now because it's hot, but I'd be like: "[Gulps]", because maybe I have to go somewhere. It means to drink greedily. So, like an animal, drink greedily or quickly. "Choke" is this: "[Coughs and chokes]". You can guzzle down food, you can choke on food, you can do the same with liquids. If I'm eating a sandwich and I choke. But I can choke by drinking the liquid. We say: "Goes the wrong way", and you're like: "So, how are you doing Mr....? [Coughs and chokes]. I'm choking." "Choke".

"Consume" is a word that means to eat or drink or use up. I put this word specifically because you'll hear it when people talk about buying things, they're consuming. It means they're using it up. When you eat or drink, guess what? You're using it up. If you look carefully, there's no coffee because I've consumed it. So if someone said he consumed a lot of alcohol, or meat, or something, it means they used it up or finished it - "to consume". Cool? Glad you like it, because now it's time to talk about the words.

So, where are we? A "little". A "little" is a taste. Imagine your tongue. All right? Rolling Stones, don't sue me. Okay? When you taste something, it's just like putting just a small amount here. "Ah, I like that." Because sometimes you see somebody drinking a blue drink with a green thing on top. You don't want to drink that, but it looks interesting, so you might want to taste. And you will go like this: "Mmm" or "Ugh". "Can I have a taste?" If someone says: "Can I have a taste?" or "Do you want to taste it?" you should take a lot. Just a little bit to put on your tongue and get a taste of it. Please don't put your finger in my drink to taste it. Put your tongue. Okay? So you can see this one is a taste. Okay?

Bang. That's right. Bang on the head, we got to do the next one. What is a "sip"? I'm a nice guy and I'm sure you're a nice guy, so your friend comes and he goes: "Hey, man, you're drinking a beer. Can I have a sip?" A "sip" is a little drink. See the ant? Imagine an ant drinking. It's not going to drink a whole cup of coffee. It's going to have a sip. That means you're allowed to do this and stop. I can repeat. Ready? There we go. Stop. If you're still going like a plane, we have a problem. I won't be happy. A sip means this. But here's something to help you really remember.
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