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  • 4 years ago
There are various fuel tank options for the DR650, but one of the main reasons we opted for the IMS tank is its size. In our experience, as you get over five gallons or 20 litres it starts to adversely affect the handling of the bike. Now if you are doing nothing but highway and easy dirt roads, then a massive fuel tank won't be an issue but if you will be taking your DR650 seriously offroad then it does pay to not overboard with your fuel tank size.

At 4.9 gallons or 18.5 litres, the IMS tank should allow a maximum fuel range of around 400km or 250 miles.

It comes with it's own fuel petcock, it fits the standard seat pan and there's no need to relocate your front indicators. Fitting is extremely easy, and if looks are important, then the tank doesn't look substantially bigger than the stock or look out of place. It will be a matter of preference, but we liked the rounded style of the IMS compared to the squared off edges of the Acerbis tank.

When full you can certainly feel the extra weight of the fuel and surprisingly the bike feels a bit more stable on the road as a result. However, bouncing down a dirt track you can sense the extra weight but the bike still handles well... the front suspension is definitely working harder but this size tank should not have you needing to adjust your front suspension settings.

The fuel petcock does not rely on a vacuum like the stock one, a feature we like as it just means one less thing that go wrong in the middle of nowhere. However it does mean you should turn the fuel off if leaving the bike for more than a few hours.

The IMS tank comes in a range of colours... Natural, White, Black, Blue and Yellow. The natural color is great if you want to see the fuel level but we opted for black purely because it looked the part. If you are looking for a bigger tank, IMS also do a 6.6 gallon or 25 litre tank.

So there you have it, a great tank if you want to get some serious fuel range on your DR650 and it won't break the bank at US$259.
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