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Instant Happy | Book Of The Day Club

Tai Lopez Follow
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  • 6 years ago
Hey just released the 67 steps to finding health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Today's book of the day is a fascinating little book called Instant Happy by Karen Salmansohn.

You can read it in like 20 minutes. It's more of a coffee table book.

It seems like it might be a little cliche at first but then as you ponder the pages you realize it's pretty profound.

Her main point is that happiness is about thoughts. Control your thoughts and you control your happiness.

One of the first pages says, "See your tormentors as your mentors."

The idea is build the skill of manipulating your mind into re framing life events. Taking some 'tormenting' annoying person and using them as a springboard to something bigger and better.

I am reminded of the psychological concept of "Ontology" which explains how we all tell ourselves a story.

For example, the same thing happens to 2 people, let's say getting fired from a job. One person sees it as a horrible tragedy and focuses on the loss of income. The other person sees it as an excuse to start up the home business they have always dreamed of owning.

Same event, different story, dramatically different outcome in the long run. So the author says we should see:
Failure as Creation
Endings as New beginnings
Mistakes as new discoveries
It reminds me of the story of Thomas Edison who invented the lightbulb and the movie camera and who over his lifetime was awarded over 1000 patents. Edison reminded people that most of his ideas failed initially. But he manipulated how he perceived his failures by saying: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

That was him re-framing failure to give him the energy to keep going.

Michael Jordan was the same way. He is quoted saying:

I have lost almost 300 games (that's more games than many NBA players have court time in)
Missed over 9000 shots (again more shots than an average NBA player even takes)
26 times was given the ball to take the game winning shot and MISSED.
Michael Jordan was the greatest athlete of all time because he tweaked his mind to see pain and failure as a normal part of success.

That's why I have always loved being an entrepreneur. We invent our own reality. My mentor taught me, "The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who makes the world in their own image."
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