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Introducing the Plié Wand Nail Polishing Tool by Jul...

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  • 6 years ago
Shop Julep at Sephora: http://seph.me/1pD5f6Z

What it is:
A kit featuring a cutting-edge ergonomically-designed nail polish tool designed to solve the most common of polishing faux pas.

What it does:
The Julep Plié Wand's™ innovative nail polishing system is designed with a better polishing experience in mind. It includes a magnetic wand, an extra cap and Plié Precision Brush, dotting tool, and striping brush to help you unleash your inner artist and spend less time fixing your mistakes and more time enjoying your manicure. The extended handle twists, pivots, and bends, making it easy to find a comfortable grip that keeps your brush steady—even when polishing with your non-dominant hand. The Julep Plié Wand and Precision Brushes also work easily with other polishes that you currently have.

This set contains:
- Dotting tool
- Striping brush
- Extra cap and Precision Brush
- Julep Plié Wand

What else you need to know:
Part of the fun of the Julep Plié Wand is finding out what works best for you. You can experiment with different grips and angles to discover your best polishing experience. The balanced, elongated handle is more comfortable to hold and offers better leverage and control. An innovative twist feature of the wand "bends so you don't have to," working as a natural extension of your hand for more accuracy with fewer hand and wrist contortions.
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