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Introduction to Kotlin: Making the Java Platform a B...

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  • 10 years ago
Google Tech Talk
June 26, 2012

Presented by Andrey Breslav.


Some years ago "alternative" programming languages for the JVM lived mostly in research labs and garages, industry knew about some of them, sometimes even used them, but never produced them. Recently, the trend has changed: new languages are backed by industrial vendors. To put it another way: the time has come for a new JVM language, and there are a few projects competing in this field. One of them is Kotlin, backed by JetBrains, a leading IDE vendor.

Kotlin is a modern statically typed language targeting JVM and JavaScript and intended for industrial use. The main goal behind this project is to create a language that would be a good tool for developers, i.e. will be safe, concise, flexible, 100% Java-compatible and well-supported by IDE and other tooling. Kotlin is an open-source project started developed JetBrains with the help of the community.

This session demonstrates the key features of Kotlin and provides a comparison to other "alternative" JVM languages. Among others things, it covers:

Static null-safety
Extension functions
Higher-order functions and type-safe builders
Smart casts: Kotlin's lightweight pattern matching
Making Java APIs better with Kotlin
Developing mixed Kotlin/Java projects

About the Speaker: Andrey Breslav is the lead language designer working on Project Kotlin at JetBrains (http://kotlin.jetbrains.org/). He also works on making the Java language better, serving as a Java Community Process expert in a group for JSR-335 ("Project Lambda"). In what spare time is left he tries to make sure that his traveling is not all about work and teaches programming to high-school children. Used to teach OOP/Software Design at a university, but currently switched to speaking at software conferences. Audiences of Devoxx, OSCON, StrangeLoop, Jfokus and other events gave warm reception to his talks on Kotlin, programming languages and foundations of software engineering.
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