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INVISIBLE PYRAMID FOUND? Preah Vihear Temple, Cambodia

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  • 6 months ago
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Hey guys, today we are going to look at an impossible ancient technology found in a 1000 year old Hindu Temple Complex called Preah Vihear in Cambodia. The Preah Vihear Complex has a total of 5 temples, all built on a mountaintop, this mountain or cliff is about 1700 feet tall from the ground level. You have to drive up to a certain point, but after that you have to start walking, And as you keep climbing up and up, you will visit each temple, and as you keep ascending, more and more, the elevation gets higher and higher, and you will reach the final temple, which is at the far end of the mountaintop. This should be no surprise, because that how mountains are, there is a gradual increase in height, right?
But everything you see is a lie, it is an illusion. What do I mean by this?
Here, we are looking at temple number 3 which means there are 2 temples above this level and 2 temples below this level. But Now, look carefully at this area. This area looks like a natural bedrock, natural floor of the mountain with grass and trees growing on top of it. But it is not, look at the edges of this floor. This is just insane. Here you can see thousands of stones have been carefully arranged to raise this, and take this level to a new height and make it look flat. All these things that we see here, underneath them, is an artificially built floor using rocks. It was set up with thousands and thousands of stone blocks, this is not the natural bedrock underneath. And then, they must have moved tons and tons of dirt, and put them here, to make it appear natural.
I am still not convinced that anyone could build an artificial level so vast that we can mistake it for the bedrock of a mountain. This is a different side of the temple and when we look at the edges, Look here, this is all just natural slope, what we see is all grass, plants and trees naturally growing on the slope of the mountain, right? No! Ancient builders are fooling us. Look carefully and we begin to see the stone blocks underneath. This is not natural, it is artificially built. There are 2 reasons why we don't realize this, one, the ancient builders cleverly covered most of the rocks with dirt to make it look natural. Two, this temple has been abandoned for about 900 years and plants and trees have completely taken over all the structures. And yes, Cambodian plants and trees grow on top of rocks, there is no doubt about this. Let me show you the same shot once again, where it looks like a natural slope . If you freeze it, you can see the stone blocks underneath. Yes this is all artificial.
When you go to the base, and see from the bottom, this formation, it is extraordinary. These stones definitely remind you of the Egyptian pyramids, infact this is also a pyramid, the base is built up just like the pyramids of Egypt, by assembling rectangular blocks of stone.
And now, something even more mysterious, what do you think this area is? Is it a natural bedrock of the mountain? I don't think so, we are looking from the third temple level, and looking below, but I think even the temple below was raised using stone blocks and we are looking at the artificially raised platform there too. What does this mean? This means that the entire mountain top was raised artificially, like a pyramid. The mountain top was originally flat, like a plateau or a cliff, but it was artificially turned into a pyramid, a huge step pyramid, where each temple was placed at a higher level than the previous one.
Remember I showed you Sigiriya in Sri Lanka? It was a giant cliff with a flat top? Preah Vihear was originally just like this, but it was then turned into an artificial pyramid. But because the temple complex spans for more than 380 acres, the slope is very gradual. Here you can tell I am walking up hill, the slope is so gradual it looks natural, but this is all artificially raised. And ask any visitor, and they will claim that climbing this mountain top was the hardest part.
Now, let us go to the very first temple entrance, at the very beginning, where the entrance to the first temple starts. This is where you see these gigantic Naga statues, the incredible serpent gods which are just astounding to look at. This is the same Naga, as seen from the drone shot, and you see how the entrance leads to the first temple, and here, you see here, these lines, this is the beginning of the artificial floor, and look, it is on this side as well. A carefully raised level, disguised as natural bedrock. This is how it looks in aerial view, and you would never realize this when you are on the ground.

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