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iPhone 5 LCD replacement

Go Cell Phone Repair Follow
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  • 9 years ago
Replacement parts and tools:


How to replace your broken iPhone 5 screen.

As with the iPhone 4 and 4S Apple has used a sealed lens/digitizer/LCD assembly for the phones display. This means that even if just the glass on your phone is cracked you will still need to replace the entire front assembly. Fortunately the price for replacement iPhone 5 screens has dropped dramatically so it isn't cost prohibitive especially considering that iPhone do tend to hold a good percentage of their value for many years.

You absolutely must have a pentalobe driver in order to remove the to retaining screws from the bottom of the phone. This is the only way to open it without causing damage to the screws or even the phone itself. You will also need a PH00 or PH000 screwdriver to remove five additional screws on the inside of the phone. Lastly we recommend using a thin pry tool like the iSesamo to pry open the phone from the bottom as the suction cup method doesn't always work. Once the phone opens up a bit at the bottom you will want to switch over to something non-metallic though as running a metal pry tool along the sides can damage the finish of the mid-frame. Remember that the screen is still attached to the phone by flex cables on the inside so be careful as you lift the screen out from the bottom at an angle keeping the upper end close to the phone. Once inside you can remove the screws from the battery terminal retaining panel and then disconnect the battery. This will prevent electricity from shorting out any internal components should you accidentally touch something that you aren't supposed to.

After the battery is disconnected proceed by removing the three screws near the top right hand side of the phone which hold the display flex cables in place. This panel has a few clips on the edge nearest to the center of the phone so you might have to do some maneuvering in order to get it off. Also be aware that the screw nearest the corner of the phone will not stick to a magnetized driver. If you aren't lucky it may fall off inside of the phone so it's a good thing that you disconnected the battery first.

Once the flex cables have been unplugged you can separate the entire display from the rest of the phone and continue to the next step which is transferring the hardware from the old display to the new one. Most replacement screens do not come with a home button, front facing camera, or earpiece speaker so those have to be salvaged and moved to the new display.

After attaching the parts mentioned above you can install the new screen by first plugging in the flex cables and then basically reversing the removal process. Make sure that you tuck the three tabs at the very top of the replacement screen under the lip that runs across the top of the housing before you start working your way down along the edges of the screen. Failure to do this can cause the plastic frame to separate from the display and you may end up with light from the LCD leaking through around the edges of the screen when it is in use.

For more information about iPhone 5 screen replacement please visit the link at the top of this section.

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