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Is Fish Food A Viable Fertilizer? | Aquarium Experim...

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  • 1 year ago
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Aquarium Experiments ► https://geni.us/nVIfuj

Experiment 1 didn't go as planned and I will re-do it ASAP. A few interesting things we observed:

Tank 2 - fish and fish food (no liquid fertz) Grew almost as well as Tank 1 (+liquid fetz, no fish no fish food) Reds plants seemed to be darker in Tank 2.

Tank 1 did visually beat tank two in overall biomass, especially the green Rotala rotundifolia and baby tears. Growth is Tank 2 seemed to be more compact.

NO3- and PO4 were never detected in the water column of Tank 2

Tank 2 - Had more green spot algae most likely due to higher limitation of PO4.

What are your thoughts? What experiment would you like to see?

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