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Is It Worth Playing Destiny 2 (Again?) Should You Wa...

Datto Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 months ago
Now with less bugged out sound hopefully. This video is mainly for returning players asking about if it's worth coming back to Destiny. It is not necessarily for brand new players to the game, but I'm sure there's something in the video that will help make a decision. This video is nothing more than 9 minutes of very slight recaps of the game over the past couple of years and me saying "idk, I guess, maybe."

Should I return to Destiny?:

I enjoyed my time with Destiny and had to stop for [insert reason that doesn't have to do with disliking the game]: yes

I did not like Destiny 2 at launch or in its first year, but I'm interested in the game still: yes

I played post-Forsaken and burned out: depends

I played post-Forsaken and thought the game was "eh": wait until Shadowkeep news

I am tired of the same kind of grind to level up: wait until Shadowkeep news

I enjoy playing PvP and am wondering about PvP changes: no, wait until Shadowkeep news

I played solo and I didn't like that and I'm hoping things got better with matchmaking: ehh, a little, but not really

I played solo and didn't mind playing solo: yes

I had more of these, but my video render bugged out and I had to delete it and I deleted the description with it so I forgot them all.

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