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Jamaica "Off the Beaten Path" Up in the Mountains ...

JCVdude Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Our travels have always been about getting out and exploring, seeing the beauty of the destination and local people.
While staying at the FDR Resort we were treated to an amazing mountain excursion to the birthplace of Bob Marley and beyond.
Melony shows us the Jamaica she knows and loves ( *Melony now lives in Canada having moved due to violent crime) - hard to imagine that crime got so bad that safety concerns had her and family move from the country.
***Jamaica has already recorded 100 murders for the year, marking 2018 as one of the bloodiest start for a new year in recent memory. This comes on the heels of the 1,616 murders that were committed in 2017.****
We were lucky to avoid this violence and to learn about Jamaica from locals who love the country.
The problems Jamaica faces are a lot more complex than just blaming drugs and gangs - poverty, neoliberal western policies, globalization have ravaged many smaller nations who do not possess the ability to stand up and take control of their own nation.
Ultimately the 99% of the population who are not involved in crime end up paying the price.
Last year, 1,635 people were murdered while there were 1,469 shootings. Of the 1,635 murdered, 355 took place in the tourism capital of the country, St James, which is now under a state of emergency. A total of 100 murders have been recorded so far this year.
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