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Jason Blaha Q&As April 14th 2019 Part 2

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 3 months ago
8:30 Do you believe you need to rotate exercises every 3 weeks as prescribed by ppl like alphadestiny?
Jason Blaha Q&As April 14th 2019 Part 2
0:07 What protein powder do you use? Also can someone with a lot of gastritis and acid reflux take it ?
2:52 Defict snatch deadlift, good upper back???
4:14 Can you explain the social phenomenon of what I call the Human-Pick up truck where a guy starts working out, is still an early novice, and now he gets floods of messages from girls saying how they know a friend of her's is moving so he should come help out (without being paid).
6:55 I think u said 10 -12 reps per set builds almost just as much muscle as 5 reps. Is that right ? 10 reps are easier on the nervous system as well? By how much?
8:32 I'm way late for the QA but does the chest fly have any place in a strength and fitness routine? Anatomically isn't a major purpose of the pec for adduction? Wouldn't only benching leave a lot of chest development on the table? Thanks coach I hope you get to this one
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Re: ScottHermanFitness, OmarIsuf & AlphaDestiny - Deadlifts Engage The Traps More Than Rack Pulls https://youtu.be/8jXni7jCp64
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