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Jason Blaha Q&As April 15th, 2018 Part 1

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 3 months ago
0:09 Hey coach what are your thoughts on doing Wendlers 5/3/1 and adding hypertrophy work on top of the program, for example on Deadlift day, doing the program then adding 4x8 pull ups and 4x8 Barbell rows. Would this be suitable for an athlete playing a contact sport? Thanks
2:38 My younger brother just told me he's going to stop bench pressing and only do dumbells and cables for chest. Says benching hurts his shoulders and all the dudes in the gym say dumbells are Superior to the flat bench. How can I factually prove him wrong? He's 22.
5:00 Hey Jason, long time subscriber from germany here. When setting up Bulgarian style training, can I alternate exercises with the same movement patterns or is it neccessary to do exactly the same exercise every day. For example when I Back Squat on Monday, Front Squat on Tuesday, Back Squat on Wednesday, Front Squat Thursday etc., would that violate the extreme specificity of Bulgarian training or could I set it up that way. If so, does it also apply to the alternation between Bench and OHP?
7:20 Coach, Do you believe sugar taxes are a good way to combat the obesity crisis - if so, how do you reconcile this with your libertarian values such as freedom? For me it crosses the line when my taxes end up subsidising people who cant be bothered looking after themselves (here in Aus we have universal healthcare)
10:35 I can’t figure out which squat is better for quad development? Wide squats or shoulder width/close stance squats? What is your experience on this matter? I know performing both is best For GPP but I’m currently recomping. Would love your input on the matter...
12:49 You have mentioned that adding more volume on the presses is better than isolating the triceps for hypertrophy. I do full body 3 times a week and perform Pause Bench,OHP and standing tricep extensions each session. If i substitute the tricep extensions with another press (Floor press or pause Incline Bench) can the additional pressing volume be detrimental for recovery or will the body adapt to the excess pressing volume over time?
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