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Jason Blaha Q&As April 15th, 2018 Part 2

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  • 3 months ago
0:08 Jason, I have a 31 year old friend who is interested in strength training. He has a rounded upper back, since childhood. He served ten years in the army and is an avid runner, so he is physically able to exercise. I have recommended a 4 times a week, 5x5 consisting of: dips, front squats, chin ups, strict press, and trap bar deadlifts. Do you have any recommendations?
2:27 Hi Jason, been running the cutting version of your novice program for the past couple of months on a recomp and have made slow steady gains. I am an intermediate lifter who competes in combat sports so this program fits my schedule nicely, the issue i have is with recovery due to the sports specific training i do i find some days i have to reduce the weight on compound lifts. Would it be feasible to run your program on a Heavy/Medium?Light basis and progress once per week on the main lifts ? Keep in mind i'm not looking for the fastest results as i am recomping and i expect the gains to be slower. I like this program and would prefer to keep running it, please let me know what your thoughts are on this. Cheers Coach
4:24 Jason, in your opinion which exercises would help someone achieve the V taper look ? Would a heavy focus on Chins and OHP be enough? Also should one reduce the volume on squats and deads to achieve this goal. Thank you
5:56 Do you think there's any value to doubling back volume as some people prescribe? The argument being benefits from more back size, combatting internal rotation from pressing movements, and posture. For instance; Squat 5x5 Bench 5x5 Row 5X8-10.
8:22 Hey coach, I normally find that when doing my top heavy set of deadlifts for 5 reps, the first rep feels much harder and slower than the following reps (I restart from a dead stop). What’s that about? Am I not warming up enough? (I only deadlift after squats and bench btw if that’s a factor)
11:09 If you were on a mission to build up your traps as much as possible which exercises would you focus on and how much weekly volume, thanks coach
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