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Jason Blaha Q&As Feburary 10th 2019 Part 1

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 7 months ago
0:07 Hey Jason. Will you go back to Beltless Deadlifts and Squats? You have said in the past that training with a Belt year round causes your Body to depend on the Belt for heavy lifts. Thanks Bro and Happy Lifting!!
3:52 Hey Jason, me and my partner have recently had a New born and so that obviously comes with less sleep. He's pretty good, we usually get 3-4 hours sleep either side of his night feeds but the odd time he doesn't settle for a couple of hours. I know this isn't ideal for building strength, just after your thoughts on building strength in these circumstances with a calorie surplus from decent sources and Training full body 2-3 times a week? Or will i end up burning the candle at both ends like this? Thanks!
7:15 hi jason. You said in a Q&A that you would not recommend a lifter do 'back off' sets at a lower weight. Rather, you would recommend that they rest longer and get in another working set at that weight. But how do you know when to stop adding sets like this (and adding volume)? Also, what if it is not feasible to do this any further than a certain amount of sets, due to a limit in recovery? And would adding sets, with the same RPE & reps, but using a lighter variation OR accessory/supplemental exercise be a good alternative idea to increase training volume done? E.g after benching, go do close-grip paused bench (lighter variation) or dips (accessory/supplemental ex.) Thanks coach
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