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Jason Blaha Q&As Feburary 10th 2019 Part 3

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 7 months ago
0:08 I have been running 5x5 with bench, squat, deadlift, the press, pendalay row for two years now. I bulk from August to march (8 months) and lean out april-july (4 months). Never been under 13%bf. Yet still cant hit the standards of 200, 300, 400, 500 on the big 4. Should I drop to the big three squat bench deadlift and just focus on hitting the standards then add in the other movements when I catch up? I'm 26yo, 5'11, 208lbs. Currently 20-23%bf
2:04 Gonna start training triples (either a 10X3 or 5X3), how much rest time would have have between sets? Is it possible to keep a session of triples under 2 hours? I've been having 5 minute breaks on a 5x5, what now? Thanks Jason
5:21 Hi coath!!! I’m a novice and i can squat 265, deadlift 365, bench 190, ohp 145, and chin up about 60 lbs for reps. I wanted to bulk till i hit your novice standards, but with summer getting closer i also wanted to be leaner for it while still having your novice standards. Thing is, i’m about 16-17% bodyfat and did not want to gain any more fat till summer, but at the same time I’m still weak. I guess what I’m asking is could i still make it to your novice standards while slowly cutting or do you think it’s a better idea to bulk and hit those numbers and then cut down?
8:41 Can u do cg bench squat and dead three days a week to hit the 225 315 and 405?
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