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Jason Blaha Q&As July 16th, 2017 Part 1

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
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  • 11 months ago
0:10 Would you be willing to share any thoughts you have on the new Netflix documentary "What the Health", and some of the claims made by their choice panel of experts? Specifically, claims that all animal products are essentially toxic to the body and destroy health, meat (especially chicken) is the true cause of diabetes, etc. Thanks!
3:33 5x5 strength straining seems difficult to make gains on when preparing for a 1.5 mile pt run.
Any suggestions on what weight lifting routine flows well with training to run in order to not lose too much strength or just in general what's a good lifting routine to mix in with pt training I.E. running sit ups push ups. Thanks.
5:35 Recently you advised late novices to switch to 5x3 if recovery is an issue and switch to intermediate if they stall for a month.
Why not drop the weight 10lbs and increase reps to 6x3, 7x3 or 8x3 (if manageable) then go back to the program.
Tonnage goes up and its still linear progressive resistance but volume becomes a tool alongside mechanical tension.
9:00 Hi Jason, im working a physical job - wall and floor tiling. Sometimes im kneeling down all day and sometimes it makes my lower back and knees feel tired. So how can i work legs around that since i may not be able to squat the weight i normally would? Should i do some alternative that puts less stress on the back?
Thank you.
11:50 For your Off Season Linear Hypertrophy Program you recommend doing squats and deadlifts on Monday/Thursday, then upper body on Tuesday/Friday. Why do most routines have people do upper body first, with lower body the next day? Can you discuss the benefits or is it just preference? Thanks for all great content, keep up the good work!!
12:32 Dear Jason, lately Mike O'Hearn has been posting ridiculous triceps exercises that have some weird forms and enormous weights. My question is "Don't you think these exercises do more harm than good?" I also heard him mention that these heavy-ass workouts are good for tendons! Your take????
15:36 Jason, how come when I eat less I end up stalling in weight loss. I'm a 5'2'' 115 female by the way. Then when I eat more I start losing again. I do notice that I exercise a lot more and fidget more when my calories are like 1600 vs 1400 and I'm not so tired.
17:01 Hey jason I've heard you mention that belt are only to lift more weights and for aesthetic oriented people. Would be ok if an intermediate non competitive person trained exclusively with a belt?
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