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Jason Blaha Q&As July 16th, 2017 Part 2

JuggernautFitnessTV Follow
  • Video description
  • 11 months ago
0:09 Hey jason, could you recommend weight lifting exercises that would be useful to a rugby player, prop forward if that helps, that transfers to power on the field for example bench press for an explosive hand off if I'm correct? Any advice would be helpful
2:32 Hey Jason after having knee surgery last December my squat went from 205lbs to 140 today(with no knee sleeves). My knee acts up on occasion and I'd like to replace high bar squats with box squat & front squats to the madcow routine. Would that help elivate the impact on my knee?
3:46 Hi Jason! Is it better to perform my volume block (still using DUP) being this 3x10 on volume days and 3x5 on intensity days on a cut since I do better o higher reps? The 3 reps I'm currently doing on my intensity day burn me up much more and I'd assume I'd be much harder to recover when I start my deficit. Thing is, maybe by decreasing the intensity I risk losing some strength and therefore some muscle on my cut. What are your opinions? Volume block on a cut or not?
6:25 Hi Jason, a friend of mine wants me to introduce him to strength training. The trouble is, he's very obese. I'm not sure whether he has the flexibility or strength to do a bodyweight squat (but I think he could do presses, bench presses, rows, and possobly deadlifts with very light weights). what should I tell him? Do you have any special advice for such people?
7:38 Jason, Why do some people have such Asymmetric abdominals? Is this hereditary, bad posture, surgery, poor training or what? Can this be changed any at all with exercise? I mean, where the ab muscles don't even roughly line up when both feet are on a line and the torso isn't flexed or twisted.
9:45 Hey Jason why didn't you include weighted carries as part of your basic movement video?
11:12 Forearm pain when doing power cleans and push presses, normal?
12:18 Hey Jason, do you view yourself as a Red Pilled guy in the YouTube Fitness community whose job is to unplug all the ignoramuses who still buy into lies, bullshit, and fads from bodybuilders owned by the supplement industry? Are you a Morpheus figure or are you The One? I guess that makes Cypher a BroScientist and Agent Smith is Layne Norton?
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